The October revolution is the most exact and the most decided movement forward of the proletariat with a power consciousness. The October revolution was 100 years ago the guarantee of a victory of the oppressed under the leadership of the working class against the oppressor class .
During the time, where the imperialist-capitalist system was in a barbaric and aggressive market policy, which developed into a war relationship was the October revolution a shining revolution of the struggle of the oppressed. This great revolution showed, that the proletariat walked into the history with the consciousness about the achievement of the politic power. The proletariat intervened in a revolutionary way against the brutal war policy and the occupation of the imperialist financial capital with its liberational and exemption program and its own policy.
After the October revolution the proletariat and under its leadership other revolutionary classes built up socialism with great sacrifice and effort . The communist party made its first experience of socialism with a great success under the leadership of Lenin and Stalin. But the revisionist views inside of the party started to attack the successes of socialism after a while of the death of comrade Stalin and prevailed with the 20th congress of the CPSU. The new bourgeois class took the power from the hands of the working class, it moved its formation more and started to destroy the successes of the socialism. In 1991 they moved the hounding into a higher level with spreading the fuss that the socialism was defeat and lost its validity. The states of restored capitalism dropped off this flag under the name of the socialism.
The process of the return from the socialism is for the proletariat a political defeat. This defeat was broadly announced with the claim of that the class war is over. This situation brought with it that there was a great drop in the class struggle and caused a defeated mood. This process still goes on and shows its effects.
Nevertheless the October revolution still maintains after 100 years the importance of the historical role of the proletariat, and also of the importance of the revolution within the social development.
After 100 years the October revolution is still of historical importance. It demonstrates the role of proletariat despite this defeat.
The October revolution indicates that the proletariat could not succeed without a vanguard communist party.
The October revolution demonstrates that the proletariat is a must for the construction of socialism.
The October revolution leads to a new era, Imperialism and proletariat revolutions. We believe that we are still in this era.
Capitalist restoration in socialist countries is a fact. And this fact is based on another fact that the class struggle continues under socialism. Comrade Mao Zedong establishes this fact thoroughly and scientifically. In this sense he organized the Great Proletariat Cultural Revolution to fight with against capitalist restoration. This contribution is a great tool that can be used to struggle against the capitalist restoration by proletariat. We think that the capitalist restorations could only be comprehended through this.
The October revolution is a big triumph. Not any form of defeat suppress the importance of it. We are determined to take lessons from our defeat and achieve new October revolutions. We shall defend the fact that the communist party is a vanguard. We shall defend the proletariat dictatorship. We shall defend the fact that we are still in imperialism and proletariat revolutions age. We shall comprehend in more details that the class struggle is not over in socialism. We shall continue to fight for stronger socialist systems. We shall never abandon the struggle for new October revolutions that will sweep away the bourgeoisie and imperialist-capitalist system from the earth.
Youths of CPG(m-l) – ( Youths of Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist)
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